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16:14 08/02/2017

The club Propagation – Movement of Blood Donation, Vinh University, has carried out the programme “Warming mountain villages 2016” in Que Phong District

Following the success of the programme “Warming mountain villages 2015”, The club Propagation – Movement of Blood Donation, Vinh University, continued this programme in 2016.

The programme “Warming mountain villages 2016” was launched in November 2016 by the Club Propagation-Movement of Blood Donation. After two months of fund-raising launch and sponsoring appeal, 28 volunteers of the Club held the programme on January 19, 2017 in Que Phong Mountainous District, Nghe An Province.

28 volunteers departed at 7:00 AM on January 19, 2017 to Khun Na Village, Dong Van Commune, Que Phong District

Volunteers made 100 Chung cakes to give to villagers

Pleasure with Chung cakes

Children were excited to receive gifts from volunteers (hats with Vinh University’s logo)

Unaffected smiles of children when enjoying time with volunteers

Mr. Tran Trung Thong – Vice President of Student Association – Head of delegation gave a speech

End of the programme at Vinh University

Written by Trung Thong, Photos by Duc Thao – Thuy Duong


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