Chu Thi Ha Thanh, PhD - Vinh University 
Lưu Lê Minh Trung, MSc – Primary school


Writing Subject plays a critical role in Vietnamese Language programs in primary schools. This is a subject that has such important characteristics as totally practical, comprehensive and creative.
In the common trend to build up innovative teaching methods, the application of Information Technology (IT) in teaching and learning of Description Literature (DL) is indispensable.
Besides software and electronic lectures, an Electronic Library (EL) which contains a lot of materials about curriculum and teaching methods, the works of children's literature and especially pictures, sounds and videos for the purposes of creating innovation in teaching Description Literature is urgently needed.
The aim of this paper is to build up an Electronic Library containing data on the images, sounds, videos and excerpts in the works of children's literature, and electronic sermons to support the process of teaching and learning Description Literature, as well as to contribute to improve the quality of teaching and learning Writing Subject for pupils at grades 4 and 5.
The scope of research
This research named “Building electronic library to support the teaching of description literature for pupils at grades 4 and 5” is based on softwares including Corel VideoStudio Pro X 3, Dreamweaver 9.0 and Adobe Flash Professional CS5.
The scope of the topic is concentrating on the following contents: description of trees in Description Literature program for Grade 4, and description of landscape in Description Literature program for Grade 5.
This Paper focuses on surveys of status and testing in primary schools in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
The importance of using Electronic Library to support teaching and learning Description Literature for pupils at Grade 4 and 5
Thanks to the support of the IT system, projector and audio, pupils can observe directly the images, colors and feel the beauty of objects, phenomenon profoundly.
Electronic Library may create more convenient conditions for teachers in searching and processing data on the database when designing the electronic lessons.      
An Electronic Library with rich images, sounds and videos about the contents of Description Literature at grade 4 and 5 will supports ideally for the teaching process of Writing subject in primary school.

Download the full version here: building_electronic_library_to_support_the_teaching_of_describtion_literature_for_pupils_at_grades_4_and_5.pdf .