On May 24, 2016, at the Meeting Hall A, Vinh University, the DOE solemnly held the commencement ceremony for the 53th course students. All teachers, staffs of DOE and representatives of students from the 54th, the 55th and the 56th courses of  the Primary Education Section, Preschool Education Section and Education Management Section.

            The course 2012 – 2016 was the second course which the DOE implemented Education Management major, together with two “traditional majors” Primary Education and Preschool Education. During 4 years of study and practice, with whole-hearted teaching of teachers and self-effort, 188 students of the DOE has graduated so far, including 6 excellent ranking students and more than 20 good ranking individuals.
Opening the ceremony, Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Hien – Dean of the DOE presented the summary report of the 53rd studying course. Dr. Hien emphasized that this was the period marking 20 years of the establishment and development of the DOE, with proud achievements which had been partially contributed by 53rd course students. Dr. Hien also recommended graduated students to continue to strive promoting the DOE student’s tradition, worthy of the eight words " Bravery - Intelligence - Civilization - Volunteering ".  

Le Thi Cam Tu, from the class 53A-GDTH (Primary Education major), representing the new graduated students, shared touching memories during the time studying and training at Vinh University. Tu confided: “No matter where we go, in our minds, we always remember that we were DOE’s student, always want to work, to dedicate in order to bring the prosperity for the country”. In addition, Tu also gave recommendations to remaining students : “Our choice of job will lead us facing a lot of difficulties. However, everything will be fine when we can see the innocent eyes from our pupils…We, the 53rd course students believe that you – the next generations can honour our DOE and become good and responsible teachers, managers”.
Responding to that sentiment, Pham Thi Thu Suong, from the class 55A-GDTH has given best wishes for their seniors. She said “Yesterday is the past. I hope you will keep your beautiful memories deeply in heart and get efforts to walk confidently in the future, into the road you choice. We believe that you all can pass every obstacle, achieve higher level in your career, contribute to train more and more gifted pupils for country”.
        4 years – It’s not a long period in lifetime, but for people who got luck to live as students with sorrows and joys, happiness, enthusiasm, to live in love of friends, teachers, it will never be faded, as a song lyrics: "Time’s gone fast, leaving only the memories ....". We gave glances, hugs, hand grip and also hot tears at that moment.
        The graduation ceremony of the 53rd course ended in many confused emotions, to people who leaving and who still stay..