Within the movement of our university, the Department of Education took part in the pedagogical competition in the academic year 2016-2017. Likely in the last contests, this is a chance for all students in 2 majors to exchange the knowledge as well as to show their creativity, pedagogical knowledge in each branch.

This year, there were many different things in our competition, especially in the content and the form of the contest. Beside the traditional sections, we tried to hold the school equipment designing and pedagogical exhibition in the new ways. Many students said that they were so excited about the contest although it was taken place outside. They hoped that in the coming years, this contest will be hold like this to create a new environment for students.

Finishing 4 outdoor sections, we hold other part inside at that night consisting of 4 parts: Greetings, pedagogical knowledge, situation solving and presentation. Many people took part in the contest. We were so glad that Dr. Thai Van Thanh, MA Nguyen Hong Soa, Dr . Nguyen Thanh Vinh, Dr, Nguyen Ngoc Hien, Dr. Chu Thi Thuy An, Dr. Phan Quoc Lam and hundreds of students of our Department were in the contest. 6 teams from 2 majors gave the audience an unforgetable evening. At the end of the contest, the first prize was awarded to 2 teams from 54A preschool education and 55A primary education, the second prize went to 56A preschool and 56A primary education, third prize belonged to 55A preschool education and 54A- primary education. Besides, the Department also gave the prizes for each section of the contest. There was no doubt to admit the afford and success of 55A- primary education team who achieved most of the highest prizes in the contest.

Finishing the contest, there was full of emotion in our heart. Some were happy with the result but others were disappointed because this was the last chance for them to stand in the stage and show their talent. Anyway, hope that everything in this contest was a good chance for them to accumulate experience and to help them to be proud of their job in the future.