1.  General information
Name:      Department of Education (DOE)
Address:         No. 182, Le Duan street, Vinh city, Nghe An Province
Tel:     0383.855.723;                 Fax: 0383.855269
E-mail: khoagiaoduc@vinhuni.edu.vn :  
Website: www.vinhuni.edu.vn
2. History
The Department of Education, Vinh University - formerly known as Psychology – Education Sector, was established in 1959. In the early of 90s, some general sectors of the university were developed into Department. In that trend, The Psychology - Education Sector linked to Hanoi National University of Education to train undergraduate education primary teacher. With experiences in the courses of linked training, The Psychology - Education Sector  promoted to open Major of Primary teachers training at university degree.
On May 24th 1995, The Minister of Ministry of Education & Training approved the Decision no.1849/GD-ĐT on the establishment of Primary Education Department, under Vinh University.
On October 29th 2010, President of Vinh University approved the Decision no.2682/QĐ-ĐHV-TCCB on the establishment of Education Department, based on Primary Education Department.
In the last 20 years, the Department of Education, under Vinh University has trained nearly 10.000 BA  (including 2000 regular Bachelors and 7500 continuing education bachelors), 03 Doctor and more than 1800 masters in 2 specialities: Pedagogy and Education Management. Currently, the department is training more than 1000 regular students, nearly 620 graduate students.

3. Function - Mission
3.1. Function:

The function of the Department of Education are training undergraduate and graduate students in majors: Education Management, Primary Education, Kindergarten Education; Professional training of Pedagogy and Management; Researching on Education Science majors.
3.2. Mission:
- Training undergraduate education at 3 majors, including Education Management, Primary Education, Kindergarten Education;
- Training master level of Education Management and Education specialities;
- Training doctoral level of Education Management speciality;
- Teaching pedagogical modules for Pedagogy students of Vinh University, in charge of pedagogical training and pedagogical practise;
- Researching in education field to serve the training and economic - social development of Northern-central areas and over the country.

4. Structure
The Education Department has 37 staffs, including 34 lecturers (04 associate professors, 08 doctors, 08 graduate students, 20 masters) and 2 adminitrative staffs.

Management board:
+ Dean, Secretary of Committee Party, Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Hien
+ Vice Dean, Vice Secretary of Committee Party, Assoc. Prof., Dr. Chu Thi Thuy An
+ Vice Dean, Dr. Phan Quoc Lam

5 sectors under Education Department: 
            1. Psychology sector
            2. Pedagogy sector
            3. Education Management sector
            4. Primary Education sector
            5. Kindergarten Education sector